Meet Our Pastor

 Pastor Robert E. & T79FE2365-A8B5-497E-8527-08D4494F8EFBammy M. Johnson

It’s is well- known that the title “pastor ” refers to a “shepherd” in both Greek and Hebrew. Many therefore endeavor to find the duties of a pastor by analogy to those of a literal shepherd, spiritualism the physical duties involved, so that “feeding” people may represent (for example) preaching the Word, leading sheep to new pasture represents leadership, and the overall care taking responsibilities involve meeting people’s needs on an individual basis.
Pastor Robert has been married to Tammy for thirty-eight years and from this union God have blessed them with three  children and two grandchildren. 
Pastor Robert Johnson has demonstrated a natural gift for evangelism as he led two churches in Thibodaux, La to significant renewal.  He is developing a new congregation in the Lafayette area to reach many other people who will become new disciples of Jesus Christ.
Not only will this be a vital congregation in the years to come but will raise up a generation of leaders that will start many more faith communities.  He is an energetic  and charismatic preacher. His goal is teaching others how to love one another.
His entire ministry has been leading congregations outside the walls of the church. He has been in the ministry since June 2004. He has pastored six churches over the years. He has been the pastor of all churches of different race. His mission in life is to impact communities and transforming people lives.
“Raising Up Christian Men”


2 thoughts on “Meet Our Pastor

  1. Pastor I just saw on TV how you and your wife and your parishioners that 93 year old woman pray for people I wish we had something like that here in Lake Charles I want you to know I’m a Christian and I’m not I am colorblind like many many people should be but I really love and appreciate the way you guys are proclaiming Christianity thank you and God bless

  2. Pastor Johnson,

    My name is Steffanie Pace. We met last year at the Pathways Event. Your wife Tammy and several of the ladies from your church attended the Priscilla Shirer Simulcast that First UMC in Lake Charles hosted last Saturday. I wanted to let them know what a blessing it was that they drove over to attend. It was a powerful day. I hope they were blessed and hope that they will come in the Fall to the Beth Moore Simulcast. Please pass on my thanks to Tammy and let know that I pray for continued peace and joy in her walk with the Lord.

    God Bless – Steffanie Pace

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